Diving Support Ships For Sale

Diving Support vessels For Sale from all over the world.

Our ships are located worldwide from various countries such as the United States, India, China, South Korea, Japan, and the Caribbean.

A Diving Support Vessel is used for diving projects where professional divers need support in the middle of the ocean. The concept of diving support came about a few decades ago and today Diving Support Vessels form a vital part of commercial diving and is extremely important in providing support to professional divers.

Professional divers take part in projects that involve diving with the prospect of maintaining, repairing, or construction of oil rigs, or other naval construction, offshore.

These ships are mainly found in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea where the majority of crude oil is extracted from sub-sea sources. They are basically floating platforms that are flat-bottomed and flat based to make diving from them easy for the divers.

Support vessels are equipped with Dynamic Positioning Systems to hold the ship steady in the rough seas and prevent it from drifting away from the diving spot. This is intended to avoid complications during a diving expedition. An important feature of support vessels is the Saturation Diving System that supplies a combination of important gases like oxygen and helium to divers.

Without this system, divers would have to go deeper into the ocean increasing the risk of complications such as lack of air and suffocation. The demand for diving support ships has increased significantly since the beginning of their existence about five decades ago.

They form a vital support system to oil drilling operations and their importance is even more pronounced in today’s terms since offshore drilling has become the main source of oil supply worldwide. Since offshore drilling machinery requires continuous maintenance and repair, it is essential to have professional divers trained in this important task to take care of it, and a diving support ship is an integral part of the support and safety of the divers. Support vessels include Saturation Diving Vessels, Multipurpose Construction Vessels, New Build DSVs, and Dive Support Survey Vessels. In the oil drilling industry diving support vessels are highly regarded as they not only offer vital support to divers during the actual diving process but also help to avoid and prevent accidents and complications from happening. These boats will provide you with a unique marine support system that is vital to the success of any oil drilling operation and to ensure the safety of divers who risk their lives in the deep ocean waters if they do not have the proper support.