Landing Craft

Welcome to our landing craft for sale page, where you can find a wide range of landing craft available from around the globe. No matter what your needs, you are sure to find the perfect landing craft for your needs. Every member of our staff is committed to helping our customers, whether you are seeking a craft for personal or professional purposes.

Landing craft became popular during WWII, though the first designs were prior to the war, and have been used for various purposes ever since then. These seagoing vessels are used to transport people or goods via the water. However, these should not be confused with landing ships, which serve the same purpose but are larger vessels.

Both boats and barges can fall within the category, so it is a good idea to determine exactly what your needs are in order to put together for your water travel and transport needs. If you have any questions regarding any of the landing craft for sale that you find, contact us and we will help find the vessels closest to your location that fit your requirements. Our reach spans much of the globe, including Europe, USA and the Caribbean. Our brokerage also works with clients in India and reaches into several Asian ports, like South Korea, China and Japan.

Many organizations require use of well-maintained landing craft, including military naval forces. Similarly, smaller versions of protective services utilize landing craft in order to reach citizens in need. Fire and rescue operators have to go to where the danger is, and that sometimes requires crossing the water. In fact, water crafts are a necessity in many communities where water is plentiful.

Just as rescue workers and first responders must be able to reach all corners of the community they serve, so must law enforcement officers. Patrol boats are an essential part of the force to keep people safe, Shores, rivers and even large lakes in the vicinity are all reasons for these folks to need a landing craft.

Likewise, organizations which are responsible for cleaning up spills and similar dangers need fast and dependable transport to get them to the scene.

Of course, not all landing craft uses involve the government. In fact, personal ownership of one can be great for diving and other water sports. These sleek vehicles can be a great way to get to where you want to go! Perhaps you want to operate a water cab service or are in need of a yacht tender. No matter what the reasons you find yourself seeking a landing craft, you have found a great place to look!

We have brokers on staff able to assist with vessel requirements. Whether you are shopping for yourself or represent an agency or organization, we will work hard to help you with your search. Our brokerage handles vessels from a wide range of sources and each member is highly experienced with connecting people to the right craft. Take a look around to see what you fall in love with!