Platform Supply Ships

Platform Supply Vessels or PSVs are specifically designed ships that supply oil platforms with personnel and equipment offshore.

They range in size from 65 feet to 350 feet and their main function is to supply and transport oil rig personnel to and from oil platforms. They also transport supplies to the platform and take cargo back to shore.

The bulk of the cargo space on a PSV is taken up by diesel fuel, chemicals utilized in the drilling process, cargo tanks that are used for mud drilling, pulverized cement, potable and non-potable water.

They also provide essential supplies and food for the crew while working offshore. As situations can change quite quickly during offshore operations, these supply vessels are invaluable when it comes to transporting additional manpower when needed to enhance drilling operations.

A vital part of PSVs is ship procurement platform support that helps maintain the fundamental requirements of offshore maintenance and construction projects.

They are able to transport all kinds of structural equipment from small components such as cement and concrete paving materials to huge structural equipment used in underwater oil drilling operations.

Local positioning reference sensors for DP (Dynamic Positioning) and other control systems on Platform Supply vessels accurately measure relative position to hold the ship in position in order to operate with safety in close proximity to an offshore destination.

Position Reference sensors are reliable systems that deliver optimal navigation performance in the harshest offshore conditions.

Oil exploration and excavation operations are mainly carried out in the North Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico where the bulk of crude oil and gas is mined from sub-sea sources and supplied to the rest of the world. Crew members who have completed their active line duties at sea are transported back to land via platform supply vessels.

These vessels have become more sophisticated over time with special compartments for cooking and storage of necessary equipment.

They can be custom-made to fulfill the requirements of individual operators and are sometimes used to help limit the extent of oil spills and provide equipment used to control fires. With the marked increase in the number of offshore oil drilling operations, the demand for specialized equipment and skilled crew to be transported safely and expertly has fueled the need for platform supply vessels.

Our list of ships for sale come from countries all over the world such as U.S.A, India, Japan, China, South Korea, Europe and the Caribbean. Other offshore supply vessels for sale include Safety Stand By Vessels, Diving Support Vessels, AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply), Fast Crew Supply vessels and Construction Support Vessels.

Offshore supply vessels built to different requirements are invaluable for the transport of crew, supplies, and equipment to oil rigs and exploration operations offshore. Platform Supply Ships For Sale will provide the necessary equipment and manpower that is vital to the successful operation of any oil drilling operation. They provide the support and means to ensure that crew members and equipment are safely delivered to the oil rig and returned to land afterward.