Roll On Cargo

Roll On Cargo ships or Roll on/roll off (Ro-ro) are a category of vessels that are used to transport wheeled cargo. The vehicles are loaded and unloaded onto these ships by way of a built-in ramp. These ramps can be found on the back side (Stern) or front side (Bow) of the ship. The roll-on cargo vessel is used for both military and civilian purposes. There is also the roll on/lift off vessel under the same category. But this type of vessel is designed to use a crane to load/unload the cargo instead of the built-in ramp. These vessels were built during the 19th century to transport trains across rivers. Rails were laid on the ship connecting one side of it to the land. The train would simply roll onto the vessel and roll off at the destination. This article provides information on the major types of roll on/roll off vessels. These vessels are located all over the world; countries include: China, USA, South Korea, Japan and India. There are also many ships found in the Caribbean.


There are different kinds of ro/ro vessels on the market today. Cruise ferries, barges, ferries, and cargo ships are some of the major types of ro/ro vessels on the market today. Ships which are used to transport trucks and cars are known as Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTC). There are also vessels that carry only cars – which are called Pure Car Carriers (PCC). This type of cargo is not measured in metric tonnes similar to most of the other cargo. In fact, vehicles are measured in a unit known as lanes in meters (LIMs).


A ro-ro vessel has a number of advantages compared to a traditional cargo vessel. Speed is one of the main advantages of this type of transportation. In fact, the shipper can drive the car straight to the ship at one port and drive off within a few minutes of the ship docking at the destination port. This process saves a lot of time for both the shipper and final customer. Private car owners and holiday makers prefer this type of vessel since it helps the individual to carry his/her car from one country to another.


There are many variations to the ro-ro vessel. In fact, ROPAX or passenger roll on/roll off is a vessel designed for vehicle transportation with passenger space. They are also known as cruise ferries and can easily accommodate more than 500 passengers. The ConRO is designed as a hybrid between a container ship and a ro/ro. The space below the deck is allocated for passenger transportation while the upper deck is used for containers. RoLo or roll on/lift off vessel is designed to load cargo by cranes instead of built-in ramps. These are some of the major types of ro/ro cargo vessels on the market today.


If you plan to buy a ro/ro vessel, you should select the right ship broker for the process. With numerous ship brokering companies on the market, it may not be an easy task after all. That is where your research becomes so important.


The above article provides information on different types of roll on cargo ships for sale.